Privacy Policy

Responsive Mailers is developed and maintained by Aghreni Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India. The corporate office of Aghreni Technologies is located at Bangalore, Innovation, No 101, Amar Jyothi HBCS Layout, Domlur, Bangalore -560071. The R&D Center of Aghreni Technologies develops all related technologies at its state-of-the-art infrastructure located at Bangalore office and supported by relevant data protection law of India.
The website (including all domains and sub-domains) provides the below mentioned services:

  1. Email Design work through an online editor that enables user to use existing templates or create their own template based on the applied scheme adopted
  2. The editor contains drag and drop interface facilitated by an embedded plugin. The same plugin also enables synchronization of the email HTML with other relevant platforms for deployment by users.
  3. Responsive Mailers provides relevant promotional materials (using e-newsletter) for maintaining communication with customers.

Privacy and Information

Users of responsive mailers can provide various data, information and creative materials in their own account for developing suitable email design. This information remains confidential to users irrespective of the pricing or types of subscriptions(except in a few cases specified below) they have. Responsive Mailers neither have access to such materials nor does it provide this information to another party. The following information are broadly required for a user to provide for creating an Email:

  1. Content Information (Texts)
  2. Creative Information (Images/visuals/videos)


If users adopt “custom” approach in availing their service (Enterprises Category), the information provided by them will be available with the associated service delivery team for developing and delivering the services.

The following information are accessible to Responsive Mailers.

  1. Data/information including Email IDs, Business/profession, locational information, demographic information and personal details are accessible by Responsive Mailers for Marketing/promotional purposed and also to understand about the market it’s operating in. Embedded codes in the website helps Responsive Mailers to track this information
  2. Anonymous information like Geography, Demography etc. are trackable by Responsive Mailers in order to understand various business aspects of online business provided by Responsive Mailers
  3. Billing Information are accessible by Responsive mailers in order to maintain transparency with all the monetary transactions happening online
  4. Personal information is required also to avail the free benefits of Responsive Mailers. Such information is available to Responsive mailers in order to keep track of all business transactions happening on the website.

Marketing & Advertising Policy

Responsive Mailers may conduct various marketing and direct selling approach as a part of its business policy. Responsive Mailers can reach out to existing or potential customers to enable it business growth. All such activities will be as per business guidelines/policies adopted by Aghreni Technologies. Subscribers can unsubscribe from e-newsletters sent out by Responsive Mailers the facility for the same will be available in the newsletter itself.


We never use internal and customer information with anybody. We don’t sell any information to anyone. However, if the company is purchased by a third party, or a share of the company is bought by another party, information will be available to them as per transactional policies.

Third Party Association

We often associate with third party for co-operative approach for doing business better. In those cases, independent privacy policies are applied as per individual party.

Indian Legal framework

All data related information and business transactions are complied with the Indian legislations and data protection policies.

Credit Card Number and Billing Information

As mentioned, we can choose a third party in the website for monetary transactional purposed as per policies. For all billing and related information, policies adopted by associated party will be applicable. Information related to payment can be stored within secured policy after verification by users.

Online Privacy Policy

By using our service online, you agree to all our policy terms. For any grievances in the service, you can immediately escalate it to our client success team in the contact details below.

Contact us

For any kind of communication, you can reach to us at:
Aghreni Technologies
Innovation, No 101, Amar Jyothi HBCS Layout,
Domlur, Bangalore -560071.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any changed in the privacy policy will be publicly declared and subsequently updated in the website.
This first version of Privacy Policy would be applicable from 1st June, 2016. Any subsequent changes in the policies will be updated here immediately.

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